VESTA Family Club Interview with Caroline and Sofia

VESTA Family Club Interview with Caroline and Sofia

1. How are you and your family managing lockdown?

Caroline: I will say, “As a Life Coach this has been an incredible opportunity to overcome challenge and set the tone for our family’s response to this situation.

To be honest we have implemented certain exercises from The Thriving Group curriculum which have really helped to keep our spirits up. I have a 5-year-old girl and a one-year old son. Our five-year-old has been meditating with me and doing daily gratitude exercises. And she loves it! It’s noticeable how much it affects her mood and energy. 

Generally, it has been so good for the kids to have us all at home this way. 

Sofia: It has been full of ups and downs, suddenly being at home 24 hours a day with two energetic children and a husband ;P, with homeschooling, entertaining a toddler, cooking, cleaning, working, etc., all in the mix.

It was a bit of shock to my routine and mental health. But as with everything we adapt, and that’s what’s important. Plus, there are so many positive takeaways from this experience,.. the girls had more time to play together and bond, Suri started meditating with me in the evening and that has become our daughter and mum time, just the two of us. It has also helped her manage her frustration of being stuck at home and has helped her manage her energy levels.

I have taken this time to go deeper in my personal development studies and have applied them to the girls (yes, even on Sienna), in general it has been a time for growth and development. 

2. What was the inspiration behind ‘The Thriving Group?

Caroline: We are both very passionate about Personal Development. We have witnessed first-hand our own development and then have been translating these grown-up expert personal development practices into child-friendly formats in order to equip our own children with these valuable skills. We truly believe that the world will be a happier, better place if we can equip young people with this knowledge early on in their life. 

Sofia: Exactly, it was a natural process for both of us, we both started with our own Personal Development and experienced the benefits. Once you get into it you can’t help but pass it on to your loved ones.

In my case I would never have thought of personal development for kids until I started being aware of my own daughter’s struggles, and then of her friends’ struggles. If I knew as a child or as a teen what I know now my life would have been so much easier. And back then I was not exposed to many of the new stressors and struggles kids face now.

It must be very difficult to be a kid or a teen in this day and age. That’s why The Thriving Group was born; if we teach and guide our children from a young age we will be building an amazing world, and preparing great human beings as the future generation.

3. What are ‘The Thriving Group’s’ key services?

Caroline: We deliver teachings online or in person. Our core programme is our Foundation Programme. I highly suggest you have an in-depth read on our website under Services – Foundation Programme as it outlines our curriculum very well. We teach 8 modules that cover self-image, confidence coaching, effective communication, building relationships, goal setting, meditation and finances. 

We also have additional programmes on specific topics of interest and students are welcome to start with one of those if they prefer. 

One of our main mission’s is to ensure that all our students thrive. So, from the time you enrol in one of our courses you will be given a coach who will follow your progress and make sure to check in with you in the future to offer additional support if and when need be. 

4. What has been the response to your children’s meditation?

Caroline: It was amazing, some of the parents started meditating as well, something that they thought they would never be able to do. When we first started speaking about meditation for children I have to say that most parents’ response was, oh my child will never be able to meditate.

I’m very glad that so many parents ended up changing their minds throughout the 21 day meditation series. As I did in the past, many people have a faulty perception of meditation. They may try it and they can’t do it because their minds wonder and they feel frustrated and even guilty and they give up.

There is no such thing as a right or wrong meditation, the important thing is to keep doing it. That’s why we say meditation is a practice, this is valid for kids and grown-ups. And once you start seeing and experiencing the benefits, you will never go back.

Sofia: So many parents have heard about meditation but don’t know how to meditate. They have been very thankful to be able to introduce this practice to their children. It was perfect timing to launch the meditation series during lockdown since we are all at home together and a more peaceful home is a happy home!

6. What advice would you have for parents whose child is struggling with self-esteem or self-image?

Sofia: First of all, our advice is age specific. We divide all our programmes by age ranges because children and teenagers’s brains work differently based on their stages of development.

Common advice across all the age groups is for parents to lead by example. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. Be a role model for what you want to see in your children. How you deal with situations in your life will reflect on your child’s behaviour. Also step back, give advice, show them options but let them make decisions for themselves. When kids make their own age-appropriate choices, they feel empowered. Make it clear that you will always love them and that you will be there for them. It is also very important to provide clear, but not critical, feedback. Teach them that mistakes are learning experiences.

Caroline: Please get in touch for an initial consultation. We are always happy to help. In the meantime, our advice would be that practice makes perfect. We are what we repeatedly think. So, if a child is replaying certain incidents or beliefs over and over which lead to a low self-image then these thoughts have to consciously be replaced by positive thoughts and repeated encouraging, loving and accepting feedback.

Your children are very impressionable so this is the best time to help them shape their minds with thoughts that will lead them to be happy and confident. We have a guided meditation available on Vesta that we would encourage you to listen to with your children. When you’re in a meditative state you bypass the analytical mind and can access the subconscious thus creating more effective change.  By listening to positive meditations children feel more secure, confident and at peace.

Sofia: We are so passionate about personal development for children and teens and this is such a great opportunity for us to partner with an audience that is family friendly and seeking content to improve their family’s wellbeing. If we can help any child, teen or even parent gain a better understanding of how they can be the masters of their own happiness and destiny then we will have accomplished our goal! 

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