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Foundation Programme

The purpose of the Foundation Programme is to empower children and teens with the knowledge, tools and guidance required for positive personal transformation.
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The purpose of The Foundation Programme is to teach children and teenagers a foundation of essential Life Skills that will empower them to take control of their lives and make positive changes. The programme honours every student’s unique talents and purpose, while helping them grow their confidence and self-awareness. This is a perfect complement to traditional education as it allows students to focus on their personal development and discover their greatness within.


Every student of The Thriving Group has a personal profile to document their self-growth as they go through the programme. Children and teenagers are often dealing with strong emotions and don’t have the tools to calm down and return to a happy and peaceful state. This can make them feel powerless. Our programme allows them to develop an understanding of their own power and how to use this as a tool in their lives.


The programme covers a broad range of personal development topics, based on proven methods established by personal development experts throughout the years and adapted to every age group. For example, tweens and teens will learn about social media while younger groups will learn about responsible screen time and how it can impact our brain. All groups learn about the power of their mind, meditation, how to set goals and even how to build friendships. The teaching methods for the younger groups are very interactive and activity based while the older groups will get more theory and also exercises to ensure their progress.


The programme is eight weeks long and consists of eight lessons and modules. You may select whether you wish to be taught online via video call or in person. Every week we meet with your child at the designated time for an hour session. Your child will have a set of action points or activities to perform over the course of the week to keep them engaged. These can vary from making a vision board, to establishing a gratitude practice before bed. Children as young as 5 years old have even learned to meditate despite being very high energy children and have said how much they love the calm feeling it brings them.


After the eight-week programme your child will be set up with the foundation for their success! At that point, it is essential to carry on these good habits and build them into an ongoing lifestyle. That is why we continue to keep in touch with your child and periodically check in to see how they are progressing. Our philosophy at the Thriving Group is that once you join our Foundation Programme you are a valued member of our community. We have plenty of Additional Courses and events, ranging from webinars to downloadable material, in order to keep you connected and on track for a fulfilling and empowering future!


Our expert coaches are available to meet with your child at regular intervals, according to a schedule that works for your family. Your child can benefit from having a coach as this person is objective and will encourage your child to follow their strengths, reminding them of all the tools at their disposal.  The children and teenagers who go through the Foundation Programme join our Thriving Community and we will make sure they continue to grow with ongoing, age appropriate support and access to like minded, empowered individuals.


An overview of the mind, our ability to choose our thoughts, emotions and reactions.  It is empowering to realize you have control over yourself and over your life.


Goal setting is a skill that is not often taught to young people. At The Thriving Group, we teach proven methods of setting goals that have been established by coaches and personal development experts throughout the years. We also make sure our students have a clear plan and timeline to achieve their goals. Tracking your progress and tackling setbacks is very rewarding and is a big step in creating a productive and fulfilling life.


Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices for transforming your life experience. Whenever children or teenagers (or anyone!) is struggling with negative thoughts or a difficult situation, it can be transformative to shift to an “attitude of gratitude”. This brings a new perspective as they realise that there is indeed a lot for which we can be grateful.  Gratitude is also a practice that is formed through habitual thinking. The more we practice the more natural it becomes. Students will establish their own daily gratitude practice in this module.


Technology is clearly a part of the next generation’s life. This is different from parents who didn’t grow up in this era of technology. It can be daunting as we don’t know how to approach this subject and may be unsure how to set parameters for our children. We teach our students how to set those boundaries for themselves by understanding how technology can serve us but also the potential negative effects.


We are the creators of our self-image. How can we learn to view ourselves in a positive light? Confidence and self-esteem can be taught and they make all the difference for children and teenagers as they face their day to day lives.

Much of what we believe is based on habitual thinking. If we can establish positive self-talk from an early age we can greatly impact a child’s self-esteem.


Irrespective of your religious background we are able to connect to a greater meaning in our lives when we realize that we are more than just our bodies. It is widely established that we are all energy, or spirit and this allows us to think intuitively and creatively, as we connect to Universal energy. What does this mean for our day to day life? How do we cultivate this aspect of ourselves. Here, students will learn the beneficial practice of meditation, allowing them to find the peace and calm that lies within.


Here our students are taught established techniques for excellent social skills and effective communication. This module focuses on public speaking, helping children and teenagers to be confident speakers. We also cover active listening, an essential skill for negotiating. We discuss how to be a great friend and person – by being inclusive and respectful, and making others feel valued. Finally, we explore what it means to be genuine and authentic in our relationships. All these social tools will benefit students in both their personal lives and in their eventual professional lives as well.


It is important to establish a strong financial foundation for children and teenagers. There are key terms and concepts that can be understood from a young age, contributing greatly to accumulating wealth. Students will learn to budget, save and establish their financial goals.

Foundation Programmes

The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme

3-5 years old

From age 3-5 children have not yet developed their analytical mind. They are operating on a subconscious level and are highly suggestable. It is a very important time to impact a child’s brain positively as this is the foundation for so much of their future behavior and thought patterns. The Foundation Programme for this age group addresses emotional intelligence, with strategies to help children deal with their emotions and express themselves. We share key strategies with parents for addressing emotional situations that occur with their child in order to get the most positive results. Children who feel empowered from a young age turn into confident and happy future leaders.

6 to 8 years old

From age 6 to 8 children develop their analytical mind.  Not only does this allow them to reason, they enter into an equally creative and suggestible stage which lasts until they are 12 years old, This is a good time to establish core values, etiquette and their sense of self. We introduce practices such as meditation and start setting goals and visions for the future. By setting children up with the proper personal development foundation from as early as possible we can greatly affect their future. Thoughts become things, and knowing how to control your thoughts and emotions is a key component of consciously creating your reality.

The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme
The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme

9 to 11 years old

In this age group, children are still operating with alpha brain waves that are based on their imagination. They are still very much dictating their reality from within rather than being completely outwardly focused the way a teenager would be. This is a great stage to deepen a child’s understanding of themselves, how their brain works – and also explain how they can benefit their brain (through practices like meditation, by reducing screen time, by spending time in nature, by expressing themselves and by establishing good habits like practicing gratitude.

12 to 15 years old

At age 12 children’s brain waves move into beta patterns which makes them predominantly focused on the outside world. This is why tweens are already very much concerned with their friendships and peer pressure starts around this age. Equipping our children with positive self-images, clear values and coping strategies empowers them to navigate this highly interactive phase in their development.

The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme

16 to 18 years old

From ages 16-18 teenagers have fully developed their analytical mind which means that it is much more difficult to influence their subconscious mind. By now they have already established certain patterns of thought and in order to help them have a more positive self-image and thought patterns it is necessary to teach them how their mind works and that what and how they think will shape and create their future. We give them expert techniques on how to harness the power of their thought.

More programmes
Additional Programmes

Additional Programmes

Students who wish to increase their knowledge of any topic covered in the Foundation Course are welcome to enroll in additional programmes. In these additional programmes we offer in-depth teachings on the specific topic of interest (out of the 8 foundation modules) and we have corresponding activities and one to one coaching.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

At the Thriving Group we believe in the benefits of coaching and mentoring.

We make sure that every member is individually assessed and supported throughout their growth in order to best serve them and make sure that every child and teenager is truly thriving. We suggest working alongside parents to facilitate continued progress and growth within the home environment.

International Programmes

International Programmes

Our programmes are currently available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Online Programmes

Online Programmes

Especially given the current climate, we recommend taking our classes via video call and Zoom and we are equipped to teach remotely. Our online courses include reading material, exercises and topical videos as well as in person sessions of an hour per module. Coaching sessions accompanying the programme are also done periodically via video call to ensure that all students are on track and benefitting individually from the Programme.

Group Programmes

Group Programmes

Children and teenagers love to learn together. 

We encourage you to share The Thriving Group wisdom with your community.  It becomes even more interactive and enjoyable for our students when they get to learn with their friends. We can accommodate from two up to ten students in a group. These classes can take place in person or via Zoom, which is a very popular way to deliver lessons.



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