All programmes are available online via video call and in person.


The Thriving Group provides programmes for children and teenagers that are value-based and educational; focusing on the areas of personal development, mindfulness and well-being.
Your greatest contribution to the universe may not be something you do but someone you raise

The Thriving Group provides programmes for children and teenagers that are value-based and educational; focusing on all areas of personal development, including mindfulness, goal setting and effective communication. We also provide age appropriate standalone courses in various topics, such as social media, philosophy, meditation, etiquette, public speaking and more. Our objective is to equip young people with the tools required to grow confidently and thrive.


By joining The Thriving Group parents can rest assured that their children are acquiring life skills to better manage their lives, at every age. The Thriving Group is here to complement traditional education. We take a holistic approach, addressing all areas of personal development to ensure our clients are truly thriving. We provide group sessions as well as one on one coaching and all programmes can be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.

The Thriving Group - Helping Parents Raising Children

Foundation Programme

Your path to greatness starts here.


The purpose of The Foundation Programme is to empower our members with the knowledge, tools and guidance required for positive personal transformation.


Additional Programmes  

Students who wish to increase their knowledge of any topic covered in the Foundation Course are welcome to enroll in additional programmes. In these additional programmes we offer in-depth teachings on the specific topic of interest (out of the 8 foundation modules) and we have corresponding activities and one to one coaching.

The Thriving Group - Additional Programmes
Children and Teens Coaching

Individual Coaching

At the Thriving Group we believe in the benefits of coaching and mentoring.

We make sure that every member is individually assessed and supported throughout their growth in order to best serve them and make sure that every child and teenager is truly thriving. We suggest working alongside parents to facilitate continued progress and growth within the home environment.

Group Programmes  

Children and teenagers love to learn together. 

We encourage you to share The Thriving Group wisdom with your community.  It becomes even more interactive and enjoyable for our students when they get to learn with their friends. We can accommodate from two up to ten students in a group. These classes can take place in person or via Zoom, which is a very popular way to deliver lessons.

The Thriving Group - International Programmes

Online Programmes

Especially given the current climate, we recommend taking our classes via video call and Zoom and we are equipped to teach remotely. Our online courses include reading material, exercises and topical videos as well as in person sessions of an hour per module. Coaching sessions accompanying the programme are also done periodically via video call to ensure that all students are on track and benefitting individually from the Programme.

International Programmes  

Our programmes are currently available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The Thriving Group - International Programmes
The Thriving Group - Workshops


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The Thriving Group - The premier source of personal development for children and teenagers, inspiring them to reach their full potential.
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