How did Caroline’s journey begin?

by Caroline Desmarais

How did Caroline’s journey begin?

Co-founder's Caroline Desmarais Daughter

The greatest gift I’ve ever been given came to me on my eighteenth birthday, by way of a book on Meditation by Eknath Easwaran. My grandfather, who was a former CEO and politician, was not the sort of man you would have pegged as someone who meditated. But I suppose as life progresses, your awareness grows. And in his case, as a very educated and intelligent man who had retired from a successful career and was advancing in age, he had finally started to ask himself the larger questions in life. Incidentally – he allowed me to ask myself these very same questions, about the purpose of life, happiness, success and fulfilment, from the day I became an adult – at the age of eighteen.

I remember already wondering why I had never been taught about these philosophical concepts earlier in my life. Even then, I recognized that this would have been a very advantageous perspective to have held throughout my childhood and teenage years. That same year, I started University and I went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy – in an attempt to answers those very same big “life” questions. And what I realized is that the process of seeking your purpose and learning how to develop a plan to fulfil this purpose was in fact the very essence of leading a meaningful life. It is up to every individual to grow their consciousness until they can connect with their true self, strengthen their intuition, and follow their unique purpose.

Along the way there are so many tools that can help in a person’s life journey. Some people discover these tools later on in life, after years of disappointment, anxiety or confusion. Sadly, many people never discover these tools at all. But imagine the lucky ones who discover them early on, in their foundation years, and make the most of the amazing opportunity that life affords them.

 Since becoming a mother, I have witnessed the impact that parents have on their children. Our children are largely at our mercy. They are tabula rasas – blank slates, with bright eyes and innocent hearts and all they want is to learn and be loved. If we could equip children and teenagers with the fundamental life skills required to foster their emotional understanding, strategic approach to their future, resilience, creativity, confidence, peace of mind and ambition – we are giving them the greatest gift possible.

It is understandable that not every parent will know how to teach their children these skills, values and virtues. In fact, perhaps as it is suggested in Hinduism, our children are here to enlighten us, and it is indeed through them that we deepen our own understanding of life.

 It is in this spirit that I embarked on the adventure of co-founding The Thriving Group, with my like-minded friend and co-founder, Sofia Gouveia. We both care deeply about the positive impact that we can have on individuals and collectively. And we whole-heartedly believe that once children are shown a path for greatness, with the proper encouragement, and positive self-esteem, they can truly accomplish whatever they put their minds to – and the world will be a much better place.

On this note, I invite you to join our community of Thriving individuals, families and friends. We are creating a place where respect, integrity, resilience, empathy, purpose and knowledge are valued, and our promise is that we will equip your children with the life skills that will enable them to thrive as independent and creative leaders of the next generation.

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